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 Hein Consulting Group | 16110 S.W. Regatta Lane |  Beaverton, OR 97006 |  503.629.8742 | 503.232.6212 (fax)


    Skills Training Designed For The Way Business is Growing

    Hein Consulting Group is a leader in teaching the new skills businesses will need not just to survive, but to thrive in the new global market of the future.

    Survival Skills Seminars teach businesses new methods and important lessons in areas as sensitive as sexual harassment and as critical to the future as workplace diversity and effectively managing change. A sample of seminar topics include:

    • Planning and implementing change
    • Sexual harassment in the workplace
    • Team building & employee development
    • Managing diversity
    • Creating real equal employment opportunities
    • Conflict resolution
    • Building lifelong customer loyalty
    • Managing change
    • Employee morale, job satisfaction and productivity
    • Human resource management skills

    Click on the topics on the sidebar to find out more about the Problems, Steps, and Results you can learn about when you participate in Hein Consulting Group's Survival Skills Seminars.


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