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    Valuing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    It is spring and I am standing in a small clearing in a big forest. I can smell the warm earth heating up after a morning of sunshine. All around me are a riotous variety of trees, birds, flowers, fruits, animals, insects all sharing this moment. We are living together in a world that loves its diversity; that knows there are millions of great ways to have a good life; that embraces ambiguity, that respects personal choices, that values the different ways we each contribute to our collective well-being, that celebrates our conflicts and the insights they offer for growth, that fully sees and welcomes the whole personhood of each of us, that deeply includes and listens to the variety of wisdom each one can offer, that leads, in each moment, with love.

    One of the biggest challenges organizations face is the changes occurring in the workforce. As of the year 2000, 80% of new entrants to the American workforce were women, African Americans, Latinx, Asians and immigrants. The opportunities for organizations that embrace diversity, equity and meaningful inclusion are many.

    Hein Consulting Group's seminar addresses the need for managing diversity by showing you the problems that arise when it is ignored, providing tools to break down barriers and stereotypes and outlining the effectiveness of a diverse workforce.

    Problems: There is an urgent need to understand, embrace and support folks from many different backgrounds and perspectives. We all bring ourselves, our history and culture to the work place, and sometimes those delightful differences are not well supported or understood.

    Steps: Our workshops and seminars stimulate and encourage participation using a series of non-threatening and interactive experiences designed for small and large groups.

    Seminars offered include:

    • DEI 101 - Creating Respect for Each Other in the Work Place
    • Creating High Performing Inclusive Teams
    • The Five Sexes - Beyond Just Male or Female
    • Who Talks? Who Listens? Who Decides?
    • Conflict Resolution for Multi-Cultural Diverse Work Places
    • Pathways to Allyship - why and how to be an ally
    • Understanding Ourselves as Cultural Beings

    Results: What can you expect from a new focus on Diversity and Equity? Increased effective team work, ownership of common goals, inclusiveness, and a work environment that engenders respect for everyone's abilities and talents.


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