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    Sexual Harassment

    What does sexual harassment look like?

    How does it sound?
    What does it feel like?
    How do you stop it?

    If all of your managers and leaders can't answer these questions, you're opening your organization to everything from low morale, decreased productivity, and a damaged community image--to the risk of formal complaints and lawsuits.

    Hein Consulting Group's seminar is designed to identify what sexual harassment is, show how it effects everyone in the workplace, and clarify what is and isn't acceptable.

    Problems: Sexual harassment comes from a lack of awareness. Whether it's intentional or not, harassment hurts. The more people speak out against it, the greater the uncertainty and confusion about where 'the line' is drawn. This anxiety may show up in angry outbursts or withdrawal from team participation. Fear of 'getting in trouble' may cause men to avoid female co-workers. As discomfort, uncertainty and anxiety continue to increase, barriers are erected. Camaraderie that once existed may cease for fear that the light banter and daily jokes may now offend.

    Steps: Hein Consulting Group's workshops covers everything from recognizing harassment and knowing where 'the line' is, to knowing what your legal responsibilities are, how to stop harassment and understanding why the future of your organization depends on eliminating this blight in any form.

    Results: As sexual harassment is more clearly understood, the men and women in your organization will evolve a more comfortable working mode. By creating a gender-neutral workplace, employees will be appreciated for the unique set of skills, perspectives and potentials each brings. Eliminating fear, uncertainty and anxiety allows employees to reach greater levels of productivity and creativity than ever before.


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