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 Hein Consulting Group | 16110 S.W. Regatta Lane |  Beaverton, OR 97006 |  503.629.8742 | 503.232.6212 (fax)


    Hein Consulting Client List

    American Society for Public
    Administration Region
    Bell of Pennsylvania
    Cedar Mills Community Library
    City of Forest Grove, Oregon
    City of Portland, Oregon
    City of Springfield, Oregon
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    Federal Executive Board
    Forest Grove City Library
    HealthChoice Administrators
    Multnomah County, Oregon
    Northwest Information and Referral Association
    Oregon Health Sciences University
    Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
    Oregon State Employment Division
    Portland General Electric
    Portland Women's Crisis Line
    Sequent Computer Systems
    The Association for Retired Citizens
    The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington
    The Private Industry Council
    Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation Commission
    United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
    United States Senate
    US West
    Washington Public Employee's Union Women's Conference
    Washington State Department of Social and Health Services