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    Team Building

    "Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your thoughtful, caring assistance with our academic strategic planning retreat. Your insights, sincere caring, expertise in group facilitation and organization communication, and your unerring sense of timing all combined to contribute something of inestimable value to our gathering.. . "
    Sara Martin
    Associate Dean for Academics
    Marylhurst University

    Organizations across the country are realizing success depends on getting effective results with fewer resources. Smart leaders are looking to the people closest to the problems and for the best solutions and actions: In short, team work.

    Hein Consulting Group can help you address the need for teamwork, teaching critical communications skills and identifying agreements to enhance effective collaboration.

    Problems: Until now, many organizations believed a competitive environment produced the highest productivity. Team building takes the opposite tack. Employees in tightly knit teams, given real responsibilities and goals and made accountable for the outcomes work best. How do you create and support high performing teams with the least amount of stress and anxiety?

    Steps: Work with Hein Consulting Group to teach managers and employees the benefits and tools to build strong, productive teams. Teams learn how to reach a shared vision for the group while incorporating the values and goals of individual members. Hands on exercises teach productivity skills, show how to manage conflict, set ground rules, assess the work, make decisions and facilitate meetings. Teams learn how to work with vendors, meet customer needs and keep projects on time and on track. At the conclusion, teams will understand their roles and responsibilities, the need for flexibility and responsiveness, and how to benefit from meaningful diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Results: An organization of collaborative high-performance employees with a sense of responsibility to their organization and their teams. More effective working relationships mean better resolution when there is conflict, acceptance of multiple priorities, and personal ownership of organizational vision.


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