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    Managing People – Providing Leadership

    The up side: someone does an excellent job and is promoted into a position of managing people. The down side: they're given little training, no guidance and not much support. Yet they're responsible for performance reviews, hiring and firing, discipline and compensation. Is this a path to success?

    Goals: People are the backbone of most organizations. Supporting people effectively is critical. This work is designed to provide managers and leaders with the tools and information they need to effectively lead, manage, encourage and protect the organization’s most important asset — its people.

    Steps: In workshops, working one on one, in small groups and in full group interactive sessions, managers and leaders will engage in role playing, case history, diagnostics, exercises and games designed to illuminate problems, correct perceptions, assumptions and behaviors. This will provide better tools for leadership choices in every situation from conducting interviews and assessing employment candidates to constructing compensation packages and incentive rewards.

    Results: Better people management leads to fewer complaints and morale problems within the staff. Managers can become more confident of their ability to deal with any situation. This approach to leadership results in higher productivity, more focused employees and lower turnover. Good managers provide their staff with a sense of organizational pride and ownership of corporate goals and a strong base from which the organization can look for future leaders.


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