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    Managing Change

    "Alanna Hein is a brilliant trainer and consultant and she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and humor to how she delivers training. Barbara Hein's low-key, thorough approach to training and consulting is shaped by the fact that she is one of the best systems thinkers in the business. It is hard to imagine a partnership with more diversity of experience or greater professionalism than is represented by Hein Consulting Group."
    Larry Kirkhart, President
    Moving Boundaries, Inc.

    When change happens most of us feel like victims. It seems that change happens TO us and is out of our control. In fact, we manage change every day of our lives. We just don't realize it.

    Hein Consulting Group's Managing Change seminar is particularly useful to companies entering a period of change or reorganization. It focuses on the power we all have over change in our lives and shows us how we can shape the outcome.

    Problem: When change happens, people see only what they are losing, not the potential gain. Their primary focus is on their personal situation. It's hard to focus on the larger issues. They have difficulty retaining information and they cannot move forward until they know where they are going and how they will get there.

    Steps: This seminar will give your staff the tools they need to manage change in a productive, effective way. When they complete this session, they will understand:

    • That managing change is in their control, and there are clear, steps to follow.

    • How to effectively manage corporate and personal boundaries.

    • The effects change has on the corporation's cultural, political and technical systems.

    • How to clarify the problems change will brings.

    • How to assess where you are to better develop a vision for where you need to go.

    • How to plan and implement change during a transitional period.

    Results: Companies that have utilized this seminar prior to change have experienced smoother transitions, a clear focus on corporate goals and visions by more of the staff iind increased productivity during and after


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