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    Conflict Resolution

    Conflict. The very word is charged with negative associations. For most people, conflict elicits one of two responses: escalation or avoidance. Neither response is productive.

    Hein Consulting Group's approach to Conflict Resolution addresses these realities:

      A) Every situation in life is bound to involve conflict in one form or another, and

      B) Conflict can be productive and useful...if the fear it invokes can be conquered

    Problems: Most work environment conflicts are non-productive. Conflict avoidance leads to non-resolution. Conflict escalation leads to emotionally charged situations where nothing can be resolved. Conflict sabotages productivity and diverts precious time, energy and focus from broader goals.

    Steps: Work with Hein Consulting Group is designed to provide the tools for effective and productive conflict resolution by examining personal styles for dealing with conflict, examining alternative styles, and providing structured ways to deal with conflict when it arises. Hein Consulting has developed special interactive practice sessions that employ one-on-one, small group and full group participation in role playing and teaching exercises.

    Results: When conflict is seen as an opportunity for problem solving within a company, department or group, it's no longer threatening. Reduced fear of conflict leads to increased productivity and greater team work toward mutual goals.


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